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This is a fun way to learn the fundamentals of Bowling




"Bowlology"- the study of bowling with the desired result being that the student gains more knowledge of and more respect for the sport. 


Mission Statement:

To Expand Bowling Knowledge for Bowlers, Coaches, Pro-Shop Operators in an innovative way through the study of bowling.

Vision Statement:

To impart knowledge from the beginner to the advanced bowler about the sport of bowling through Bowlology, Ten Pin Staffers, Striking Mastermind and King Pin Associates.


                        Welcome to the Bowlology Acadamy.  I am Josh Hyde, a Bowlologist, and I have studied the game for a number of years.  Inside this Acadamy, bowlers will be able to improve their bowling skills.  It is my hope that whatever path the bowler is on, they are excited to learn more about the sport of bowling.  I have attended numerious amateur and professional bowling tournaments.  I have acquired a great deal of knowledge of the sport of bowling.  There is something for each bowler, regardless if they are a beginner or advanced bowler.



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Bowlology Academy Summary 

Bowlology Academy Summary