Pictures of Bowlers

Josh Hyde Bowling


 PBA Photos of Josh Hyde

Walter Ray                                        

 Josh Hyde and Walter Ray Williams Jr. at the 1988 True Value Open     Josh Hyde and Steve Cook at the 1988 True Value Open


 Dick Weber                             Holman and Roth

Josh Hyde and Dick Weber at the 1988 True Value Open   Marshall Holman, Mark Roth, and Josh Hyde at the 1988 True Value Open


Jim Pencak                          Mark Baker                        Tom Crites

Josh Hyde and Jim Pencak at the 1990 US Open         Josh Hyde and Mark Baker at the 1990 US Open        Josh Hyde and Tom Crites at the 1990 US Open


Carmen Salvino                                      Dick Weber and Purvis Granger


Josh Hyde and Carmen Salvino at the 1990 US Open              Josh Hyde, Dick Weber, and Purvis Granger at the 1990 US Open


Pete McCordic                                Randy Pedersen

Josh Hyde and Pete McCordic at the 1990 US Open            Josh Hyde and Randy Pedersen at the 1990 US Open


Marshall Holman                             John Mazza                    Johnny Petraglia

Josh Hyde and Marshall Holman at the 1990 US Open    Josh Hyde and John Mazza at the 1990 US Open   Josh Hyde and Johnny Petraglia at the 1990 US Open


Open House         Open House      Open House

Parker Bohn III and Mike Aulby made a surprise visit to my high school graduation open house. 



Drew Carry, Parker Bohn III, and Josh Hyde at the 2000 TPC    Josh Hyde, the orignal "pinhead"