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Mission Statement:

To Expand Bowling Knowledge for Bowlers, Coaches, Pro-Shop Operators in an innovative way through the study of bowling.

"Bowlology" -the study of bowling with the desired result being that the student gains more knowledge of and more respect for the sport.




                  Welcome to the Bowlology Acadamy.  I am Josh Hyde, a Bowlologist, and I have study the game for a number of years.  Inside this Acadamy, bowlers will be able to improve their bowling skills.  It is my hope that whatever path the bowler is on, they are excited to learn more about the sport of bowling.  I have attended numerious amateur and professional bowling tournaments.  I have acquired a great deal of knowledge of the sport of bowling.  There is something for each bowler, reguardless if they are a beginnier or advanced bowler.











to Josh Hyde Bowling.com. This section is written by bowling experts in their respective fields for the purpose of improving the game of the amateur and professional bowler. In order to be a Ten-Pin Staffer. An expert has to pass with a score of 130 out of 150. We welcome Teresa Ross as a Ten-Pin Staffer and a USBC coaching specialist and Dennis Bergendorf who is a senior staff writer for Bowler's Journal International. Teresa scored a 150 out of 150 and Dennis scored a 148 out of 150.

About the Ten Pin Staffers


Teresa Ross USBC Coaching Specialist

Finding Balance



Dennis Bergendorf Bowler Journal International Senior Writer

Repeating Shots


John Janawicz - Kegel Technical Pattern Specialist

29 300 Games

3  USBC Eagles

858 on a PBA Pattern

826 on the House Pattern

The Pattern Did Not Play the Same as Home


Steve Kloempken -Marketing Director of Storm Products & USBC Hall of Famer

300 High Game on PBA & House Patterns

804 Series on PBA Pattern

828 on House Pattern

USBC Hall of Fame Inductee 2016


Jeff Taylor- Pro-Shop Operator for Ten Pin Alley Fitchburg, Wisconsin

300 High Game on PBA & House Patterns

789 Highest Series on House Pattern

2008 Wisconsin State All-Events Champion


Parker Bohn III

35 PBA Titles

104 300 Games

 3 Majors

3 PBA50 Titles

PBA & USBC Hall of Famer



Amateur Staffers

Fritz Schlemmer

18 300 Games 835 series

1999 Indiana State Singles Title


Mark Sullivan

18 300 Games     

300 on the Houseshot

803 on the PBA Pattern

857 on the Houseshot

Winning the BTM Tournament



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