The 300 Game

Josh Hyde Bowling

The 300 Game will report on both professional and non-professional and on scratch bowling tournaments

Amateur tournaments

2020 EZ Bowl Report

2019 Vic Sockrider Baker memorial doubles

2019 MSBS Pro Bowl West Open December 1st

2019 Black Friday Trios

2018 Black Friday Trio

2017 Black Friday Trio

Brockmeyer Classic 2015

2014 Lafayette Open

2014 Brockmyer Classic


2015 PBA Midwest/Central Region Country Club Lanes Open

2016 PBA Midwest/Central Country Club Lanes Open presented by Brunswick

2017 PBA Midwest Central Country Club Lanes presented by Global 900

2018 PBA Midwest Central Country Club Lanes

2019 PBA Midwest Central Country Club Lanes

presented by 900 Global

2019 EZ Bowl Open PBA Central Region

2019 PBA Central Fort Wayn Open 

PBA News

Summer Swing Tickets Now Available

PBA Regionals

3-14 McCune Wins

PBA Regional Caveman Open

PBA Regional San Angelo SouthWest Open

PBA Bowlers Discount Open

PBA Security Federal Savings Bank Championship

PBA Earl Anthony Memorial Open

PBA Firelake Grand Casino Southwest Open

PBA Debbie & Leo Nunan Memorial Central Open

PBA Rockaway Lanes Eastern Open


PBA SouthPoint Member/Nonmember Doubles

PBA SouthWest Houston Challenge

PBA Kona Open

John Gonsalves Memorial Open

Elkhart Country Club Lanes Central Open

Hickam AFB West/Northwest Open

PBA Junction City Bowl SouthWest/Midwest Open

Bowl-A-Vard Open

PBA MidContinent Communication Midwest Open 

PBA Baldo Campana Central Open

PBA Rocky Mount South Open

PBA Vanessa Brown Homes West Open

PBA Lightning Lanes Challenge

PBA Dafodill Open

PBA Colony Park Lanes Challenge

PBA Brookmont Bowling Center

PBA Grand Casino Summer Swing

PBA Howell Lanes East Open

PBA Gastonia South Open

PBA Triway Central Lanes Open

PBA Billy Myers SR. West Open

PBA Reality Check

PBA American Family Insurance Open 1

PBA American Family Insurance Open 2

PBA San Antonio Southwest Challenge

PBA Pro Bowl West Central/Midwest Challenge Open

PBA Lakewood Colorado Ebonite Open

PBA Secoma Lanes Northwest/West Open

PBA Lubbock Southwest Super Regional

PBA Wine County West/Northwest Regional


PBA50 Regionals

PBA50 Regional Sarasota Open

PBA50 Regional Rossi Lanes Eastern Open

PBA50 Regional Fayettville South Open

PBA50 Regional Showtime Lanes Midwest/Central Open

PBA50 Earl Anthony Memorial Classic

March 15-16 Regional Results

PBA50 Boys and Girls Club Midwest-Central Open

PBA50 Cherokee Lanes Canton South Open

PBA50 Baldo Campana Central Open

PBA50 Dafodill Open

PBA50 5th Annual Lona King Saguaro West Open

PBA50 Miller Lite Western Open

PBA50 Billy Myers SR Open

PBA50 Secoma Lanes NorthWest-West Open

PBA50 Winston Salem Open

PBA50 Cecil Raymond Memorial Open