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Felt pretty good on my spares. Made a board adjustment on the back leg during the final game and had 6 strikes in a row.


Ran into transition problems during the fourth game, but did well on singles.  Put new tape on the ramp.



no notes



Figured out how to make my spares by game three.  switched to the Rampage in game four and made a big split in game 5




21 Game summary of the five previous sets




Figured out the lanes late after trying another ball.  Made most of the single pins spares.





Made most of my single pins.  Got lined up in game 3 and had a decent day.



Game 1: Solved the ten pin problem

Game 2: Got lined up.  An OK score gives some cushion

Game 4: Didn't have the ramp on the ten pin

Game 5: Great start but failed in frame 9 and 10


It took me two games to get lined up.  By the third game, I was able to make spares and was lined up.



With the lack of speed, I feel better bowling on sport patterns than with the house shot because of more oil.  On the house shot you have less oil which causes more hook.  In game four, I had a good shot at staying clean, but I missed a 4/7.